I am
Vanni portrait with the forest in background

Have you ever experienced the sensation of suddenly feeling alive? Or of having conveyed your exact feelings and your deepest and most sincere thoughts to someone? This is what happened to me with music when I was only sixteen, since then I have never wanted to give it up. I do not give myself any labels, least of all that of “artist”. I consider myself only as a good observer, who loves listening to others before communicating his own emotions to other people. I love traveling and writing my lyrics whilst watching the nightfall over our Mediterranean Sea, with its unforgettable atmosphere…aided by good cooking and the people I love. It is a long way to the top, and during this journey it has always been just me and my acoustic guitar, following me since I was only a child. I chose to start an adventure as a solo artist, accompanied only by my own personal sound that started as acoustic, but is now positively influenced by new electronic sounds. During the recent years I focused on producing and recording audio in my own studio, as well as learning piano from scratch…definitely what I missed! Music is a simple form of expression to transmit a powerful message: we have a piece of world in our hands, it is really incredible to open our own eyes in the morning and to be able to choose how to transform and to shape it, depending on our own dreams, recalling our passions and facing our own worries. This is what my music is about, and when I see the same energy reflected in the eyes of those who listen to me, that is the moment in which I feel as if my voice is truly reaching out to them, as strong as a bullet, real. And then I am here, wavering between fear and pride, but conscious of having put on a few more miles under my belt.